Triad Wars Unveiled for PC, Sign Up for Closed Beta Now

By   /   Sep 23, 2014

Set in the same open world as Sleeping Dogs, the PC exclusive online role playing game, Triad Wars is officially unveiled by United Front Games. Whereas, Sleeping Dogs followed the story of undercover officer Wei Shen, Triad Wars will not have a specific narrative.

Triad Wars is about the Hong Kong and the criminal activities of the underworld within the region. Players will create their own empire and fight for resources and territory with other players.

“It’s all about being a triad gangster that’s fighting his way to the top. It’s about going out, raiding real rivals, taking their stuff, it’s about building up your empire.” Producer Justin Ballard said.

Playing as the role of an enforcer at first, you will make your way to the top while running your own gang within the triads. You will have to build your crew, take over territories and ultimately create your own criminal empire. So it’s more or less like GTA Online only more criminal oriented.

The game is not yet given a release date but if you want to check out the game, sign up for a closed beta here.

In related news, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition will soon be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC starting October 10.

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