Try To Survive The Long Dark On Early Access

By   /   Sep 23, 2014

After a successful ramp up to a public release, survival simulation The Long Dark has arrived on Steam through Early Access. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic Canada, which still manages to look as welcoming as the country has ever been.

The Long Dark is played in first-person view, with either a male or a female voice behind it. Some may recognize voice over work as being the same as the revered Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series.

This voice will periodically chime in as you try and fight the wind chills of the natural environments. While the stylish and slightly minimal tones of The Long Dark may look soothing, trying to stay alive in it is a harsh reality wake up call.

Fires need to be lit quickly, before frostbite sets in. Fires require wood, which needs to be foraged and then lit adequately. There isn’t really a lot of time to get some rest in the game.

That doesn’t even touch the food and water needs in The Long Dark. Snow and berries don’t mix, so you’ll be on the lookout for food a lot and face starvation nearly constantly.

As there are also wild creatures roaming the forests and hillsides of the game, it’s likely that you’ll also face dangers there. Currently, the game only has a sandbox mode, but even surviving for just a day will already be hard enough.

Aside from Mass Effect fame, The Long Dark also has star power in the rest of the team. Developer Hinterland Games consists of veterans known for lauded Warhammer titles, God of War, Saints Row and The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, among others.

For the fairest pricing, we recommend picking up The Long Dark from the developer’s site. It comes with a Steam key, so don’t worry.

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