Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ Is Free The Whole Week On Steam

By   /   Sep 23, 2014

It’s rare to see Steam just straight up give out games for free, but this entire week you can play through Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ at no cost whatsoever. That should be plenty of time to get caught up in the arcade frenzy of this re-imagination.

While Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ has some of the maze-roaming, pellet-chomping of its progenitor, this version is intensely flashier. First off, visual stimulation is at an all-time high with neon colors and blinking lights everywhere.

Moreover, gameplay gets a serious boost. Instead of just eating dots and periodically evading ghosts, this version packs on enemies to eat in rapid succession, which sets off a giant combo chain.

Score attacks are a big focus of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+, which relies on leaderboard fame to drive players. Additionally, as you play more of the game and get better scores, you’ll also unlock many different game modes.

Depending on what mode you choose, the board may also alter, which in turn changes how you play the game. For some more variation, it’s also possible to customize characters and other cosmetic aspects about the game.

Note that the game being handed out is Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+, but not the All You Can Eat Edition that has even more content. Still, if you don’t own either game, you can get a 66% discount all throughout the week for both titles.

For Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+, that puts the price at €3.39, while the bundled version comes to €5.09. You’ll have an entire week to decide though, so take your time and just enjoy the divertissement.

It’s either playing Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ or chomping fools in the new Super Smash Bros on 3DS. There’s that too.

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