Final Fantasy XV is Still 50-60% Done, Release Will Take a While

By   /   Sep 23, 2014

Recently, we reported on how the developers of Final Fantasy XV suddenly decided to go vocal about the game and shared lengthy interviews with a wide range of people. Among these interviews, some light was shed on the state of the game’s development as well as the release.

Hajime Tabata, the game director who replaced Nomura two years ago at Square Enix talked about how the game’s release timings never matched what they wished for. Of course they also didn’t match the expectations of the people and it looks like even now we will have to wait for a while before Final Fantasy XV is out in the markets:

During the ‘Versus era’ – though it might be weird to refer to it that way – we weren’t able to reveal any information on release timing because that was a project in which we had to overcome so many different problems that arose. Unfortunately, while we were trying to work through the issues, the timing never matched. I also had to talk with Nomura-san about the direction FF XV is going to take. Unfortunately, it’s still going to take a while, but I’m hoping people will reset their timers from when I joined the team and restart the count from there.

Other than that, he also gave a percentage as to the completion of the game’s development. What he said was that the game is 50 to 60 percent complete. Interestingly ever since Tabata joined, the game’s development has been voiced around the same figure. Apparently this is because Tabata’s team ‘kind of started from the beginning of the game.’

Just get Final Fantasy XV done already peeps!

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