Destiny Update Reduces Difficulty, Fixes Vault of Glass Raid Bug

By   /   Sep 23, 2014

It looks like Bungie really has a quick response system in place when it comes to dealing with bugs and other necessary issues of the game. For instance, look at the Destiny Update that has come out couple of hours ago to attend to certain pressing matters.

Apparently, the players were not really happy with the game’s missions being too tough and now the developers have used the Destiny Update to tone down the difficulty levels of at least three of the missions in question. Here are their names:

  • Shrine of Oryx: Reduced difficulty by removing majors from Heroic tiers
  • Sword of Crota: Reduced difficulty by removing majors from Heroic tiers
  • Exclusion Zone: Reduced difficulty by removing majors from Heroic tiers

Other than this, the patch has also gotten rid of the issue we reported yesterday about the Vault of Glass Raid bug. One problem that wiped out the team has been fixed while the other will need some more time. The official patch notes relating to the raid related fix read:

Dropping the relic at the end of the raid will no longer result in a team wipe. This will prevent players being stuck at a black screen after the raid. You will remain dead if you were dead when the mission ended. That will be addressed by a future patch.

How many of you have completed the Vault of Glass Raid? It is the only one released so far but has proven to be exceptionally tough – and a pain in the ass for others due to the bug in question. Here are some of our guides to help you with the game though.

What did the Destiny Update miss out on? Let us now in the comments section.

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