Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Using Bad Company 2 Formula as an Experiment

By   /   Sep 23, 2014

It is a shame that Battlefield Hardline is not coming this year; it is also a shame that we are not going to see Battlefield Bad Company 3 any time soon. Why are the two related? This is so because Visceral Games decided to mash up some features of the two titles together. To be specific, the developers are currently testing Bad Company 2 like formula for Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer.

Well, it’s not like the developers have confirmed something like that but they surely are testing it. What really happened was that the lead multiplayer designer for Hardline, Thaddeus Sasser discussed it with fans on his Twitter profile.

He was asked by a fan if they were looking at a class balance like Bad Company 2 to which Sasser’s reply was ‘funny you should ask that our TGS build was set up that way,’ and he added ‘we are still experimenting with the best combos though so we’ll see that we discover.’

For those who don’t know, the class balancing formula used in Bad Company 2 gave the Assault class all the ammunition and gave the Support class all the med packs for being supplied out to the others. That is exactly how the said TGS build was made.

Well, it could be a good deal if they really bring out the Bad Company 2 feeling in the title somehow, but as far as the Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer class balances are concerned, they still need to be announced as an official feature apart from being just something that is being experimented.

Battlefield Hardline was slated for a release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 21 but the game was delayed to ‘early 2015’ in July this year.

So, are you excited about getting a chunk of bad Company 2 in Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer?

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