Xbox One May Miss Out on Screenshots Feature This Year

By   /   Sep 22, 2014

Fans will be disappointed to know that the next Xbox One system update won’t be bringing along the screenshots feature. Unlike rival PS4, Xbox One so far lacks screenshots support, and it was expected to be added in the October Update.

Xbox developer and NeoGaf user kampfheld posted the disappointing news on NeoGaf saying:

Seems like no screenshots this year. Only posting this to prevent disappointment later :(,” he stated.

However, some fan requested features are added to the update such as DLNA support, so thanks to it we can now stream videos via computer to our consoles. Additional features in the update include MKV file support and some needed improvements to snap.

If you are from UK, Germany, Italy or France then starting October 21 you can pick up the Xbox One Digital Tv Tuner.

The USB attached device will allow users to watch TV on Xbox One and even pause live TV for up to 30 minutes. In addition, Tv Tuner will add a host of new features to Smartglass as well.

To know more about it, check out our preview of the upcoming October update.

So what do you think? Are you missing the screenshots feature? You can share your thoughts and views with us in the comments below!

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