Spacebase DF9 Dev Tim Schafer Explains Why They’re Moving to V1.0

By   /   Sep 22, 2014

It was recently announced that Spacebase DF9 will be moving to V1.0 much sooner than expected. The announcement was received with much disappointment by the fans which is why Double Fine’s Tim Schafer took to the Steam forums to clarify their stance.

He started off by explaining how they had started developing the title with an ‘open ended production plan’ being inspired by other alpha funded games.

He said that while it wasn’t the case at the beginning, the sales figures declined with time and they realized they couldn’t take it for as long as five years – the time they had in mind. Then he added:

With each Alpha release there was the hope that things would change, but they didn’t. We put every dime we made from Spacebase back into Spacebase, and then we put in some more.

Obviously, spending more money than we were making isn’t something we can afford to do forever. So, as much as we tried to put off the decision, we finally had to change gears and put Spacebase into finishing mode and plan for version 1.0.

As far as the lack of communication about the state of development is concerned, he said that they never lost hope and kept thinking that things would start looking better with the next alpha update of Spacebase DF9. This is why they never really thought they were going to end it, and hence they never let everyone else in on it.

He said that although the game has been asking for more money than it is earning, it doesn’t mean that the V1.0 will be just an unfinished game. It will still be ‘fun, clever hilarious, beautiful and complete game,’ he said.

In the end he also tried to support JP and his team against the opinion that fans have created about them after the announcement of Spacebase DF9 V1.0.

Are you disappointed that the game didn’t have a developmental cycle like Dwarf Fortress or Prison Architect?

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