Players Complete Destiny Vault of Glass Raid, Game Doesn’t Show It

By   /   Sep 22, 2014

Could one of the reasons why so many people were not being registered for having completed the Destiny Vault of Glass raid be that the game wasn’t actually acknowledging their success?

Apparently, a long list of players has started complaining over the official forums of the game about some sort of a completion and loot related bug.

What actually happens is that after you work your ass off to complete the Destiny Vault of Glass raid, you are only given the achievements and not the loot.

For others, the problems have been worse; even after successfully completing the raid the game doesn’t show that you have done so. Here’s what one of the teams experienced:

We just completed it this morning, and it was a fantastic piece of content. However, upon destroying Aetheon, we all received our Trophies (we are playing on PS4), shaders, and ascendant shards, but we did not get the post-game screen with the raid rewards.

After that, they said that the game hung up instead of telling them that they had completed the raid. Some of their players couldn’t be revived when it came back on – none of the active players could revive them.

One of them then dropped the relic, wiping off the party and pushing their team to the orbit. When they came back to beat Aetheon again, the y found out that they had been put to the beginning of the raid again.

While not everyone is experiencing the same problems with the Destiny Vault of Glass raid; from what I can judge from the forums, this problem seems to be quite widespread. Bungie has, however, still not acknowledged the problem.

If you have faced the same bug, let us know in the comments section so that we can gauge the issue.

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