Oculus VR Unveils New Prototype, Crescent Bay

By   /   Sep 22, 2014

CEO of Oculus VR has revealed a new prototype called Crescent Bay at the Oculus Connect Event, which took place yesterday. Crescent Bay will feature LED’s on its back side, tracking of 360 degrees, removable integrated audio, higher resolution and better refresh rate.

The removable audio device does sound good as you will be able to use your own head phones and will not be bound by the ones that come alongside the device.

Virtual Reality is slowly gaining its footing in the gaming as more and more developers are looking forward to bring their games to the new technology.

The users of VR will certainly be looking forward to Crescent Bay as it is a step forward from the previous devices in the same technology. Get up close and personal with this newly unveiled prototype by checking out the images in the gallery below:

Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 has been proving the best engine for the game development on Oculus VR devices and I am sure that this trend will continue and the VR games will be able to capture the same feel as the home consoles.

This is all for now, but Oculus VR will be revealing more about Crescent Bay in the upcoming days, so stay tuned to our website for more information.

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