Only Noctis is Playable in Final Fantasy XV, Expect a Surprise in Demo

By   /   Sep 22, 2014

Suddenly, Square Enix has felt that it is time they make us feel how Final Fantasy XV is getting closer to the game that it will eventually be.

A very exhaustive list of details was shared by Director Hajime Tabata in multiple interviews that he has given at once.

To start off he said that his vision for the game is going to introduce elements of ‘the journey’ and ‘friendship’ in every facet of the game.

We did notice that in the latest trailer that showed off the car that you will be traveling in.

However, that element of friendship is not going to go a deep as you would have wanted i.e. having different friends who are all playable characters or something like that.

In Final Fantasy XV, Noctis is the only character that you will control. You can, though, order the other companions to do something using the command menus.

Moving on, we do know that Tabata had teased about the content we are going to get in the demo. Now, he has said that ‘in Episode Duscae, there is a sort of surprise element incorporated toward the end.’

Once again making sure he doesn’t loosen the noose on the news. The combat mechanics of a Final Fantasy game are always important. So we have something on that front as well.

The director says that it is not going to be about pressing a single button for a single action rather ‘they are a continuous flow of movements, it’s more about the movements that are associated with the buttons and building upon them for actions through the combat system.’

However, you will be able to switch between offensive and defensive stances with a single push of a button – there are no menu commands here.

Other than this, we know now that the demo is going to focus more on the battle element of the game.

In terms of the graphics, the demo will be 80 percent ready as compared to the full game. Talking of, there was also a hint in his comments that after the demo is released, we might not have to wait too long for the full release!

In the end, here’s something to swell your expectations regarding what you are going to see in Final Fantasy XV: Tabata has said that since games in this series have always exemplified what different consoles were capable of, it would be meaningless for him to make a game if the community doesn’t think it’s amazing and challenging.

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