FIFA 15 New Features: It’s All About Realism

By   /   Sep 22, 2014

Complete with its 40 licensed stadiums and hundreds of teams, FIFA 15 will be unleashed onto the markets tomorrow.

Although most of us might have already placed our preorders or at least decided when they are going to buy it, some might still be trying to figure out what’s new that the game offers.

If you ask me to describe what has changed in FIFA 15 from the previous iteration in one word, it would be ‘realism.’ While saying, remember that I am talking about most of the elements of the game, and you might have noticed some of them already.

First off, your AI opponents aren’t going to be lame headed computer-controlled characters who don’t take the situation into account. You are a goal behind in the second half of a final, and you will see the opponents sit back and defend – and vice versa.

The players have more emotions in them too; you put two athletes from the opposing teams into a heightened battle off tackles, and you will see them lashing out their anger.

You will see them pushing and shoving, bickering and even pointing fingers at each other. You will even see teammates reacting against each other in certain circumstances.

The physics of the game have been worked on a great deal; for example, the level of inertia that the player will feel when his momentum is broken, and he is required to cut back.

In short, player motion is more realistic than before. The second thing which seems to have gained better physics is the ball; it no longer feels like it has no velocity of its own, in fact, you will find that the developers have worked on its pace.

Despite having all those big cheesy features, FIFA 15 has also built on what the series already had and improved the experience. There are these small elements that make it feel different.

For instance, playing the game would tell you that the acceleration and hence the change of speed have been tuned up to the lines excellence.

You will also experience other cool new features like players pulling the shirts of others when defending. It helps you slow down the attacker real nice and isn’t as bad as body contact.

If I look at the overall tackle success rate, I could positively say that it has improved. Then there are countless new animations in the game that give it a really new feel, like the mini videos, you get to see at halftime and full time.

That is not all, you see the playing surface feeling the heat as the matches proceed, and visible wear and tear in the grounds and the players is more prominent now.

The ball won’t bounce as much as new one when the match is in nearing the end and even the players will be seen using their stronger sides more often than the weaker ones.

There is a lot to be said about the game, but I think it would suffice to hope that after all the good tidings that we have had, its final version doesn’t disappoint us.

FIFA 15 is slated to go live in the North American region on September 23, 2014; the European Union on September 25, 2014 and separately in the United Kingdom on September 26, 2014.

The game has been developed for PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS and Android.

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