New Sunset Overdrive Video Features More Chaos Squad Footage

By   /   Sep 21, 2014

New gameplay footage of Sunset Overdrive has been released, courtesy of it being present on the show floor of Tokyo Game Show for all attendees to play.

The video runs for around 12 minutes and shows the Chaos Square game mode, where players partner up with their friends to take on multiple waves of AI mutants. It’s a blood bath, it’s carnage, and it looks really fun.

Sunset Overdrive is an exclusive title for the Xbox One and at one point was being developed as a survival title very much like DayZ. However during the development cycle Insomniac Games decided on venturing a bit off the track and to include over the top action elements to quicken the pace.

With the addition of a crazy setting and even crazier weapons, Sunset Overdrive soon left its realistic feel behind to morph into a vibrant world of mayhem.

It is scheduled to launch on October 28 with a Season Pass that will feature six exclusive character outfits, two Amps and two Traps; all of which will be available to owners on launch day. Besides this, the Season Pass will include the first three DLC packs, the first two of which are campaigns while the third is a weapons pack.

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