League of Legends to Officially Recognize Coaches From Next Season

By   /   Sep 21, 2014

Riot Games has announced that it will be recognizing all coaches for League of Legends Championship Series teams in the game’s next season.

While coaches have been the norm in the dominant Korean esports scene, it’s only recently that we’ve seen that trend rise in the rest of the world. Teams that were previously being managed and coached by the players themselves have now also opted to find themselves individuals who are focused on the specific aspect only.

All League of Legends LCS teams are provided a fixed salary by Riot Games. Being recognized as an official LCS coach will also mean a guaranteed paycheck by the company. In turn the individual will be bound by contract to follow a long list of rules and be answerable if they are broken.

More details on the matter have not been provided since the company is currently busy with the ongoing Season 4 World Championship. Once that’s over, Riot Games will issue the full requirements for coaches.

The World Championship will soon see the end of all matches of Group A and B. Matches for Group C and D will commence from tomorrow. As of writing, Samsung White has secured the first seed from Group A, with Edward Gaming and AHQ battling for the second seed. You can head over to Twitch.com/RiotGames to stream the games.

Source LoLesports

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