Destiny: Trials of Osiris PvP Mode Discovered

By   /   Sep 21, 2014

Data miners have been busy scouring the game files of Destiny and have discovered a new competitive multiplayer playlist called “Trials of Osiris.”

Surprisingly, the mode’s description carries much information about it and so we don’t necessarily have to wait for an official confirmation on the details.

Trials of Osiris features a 3v3 Skirmish setting set on the planet Mercury, a planet that has yet to be explored in the game’s story so far. From its tag line, the arena will be accessible to only those who are deemed “worthy” and “strong enough to endure what is to come.”

“Trials of Osiris (Skirmish): 3v3. You have caught the eye of Osiris. Venture to Mercury and prove yourself as one of the Crucible’s elite. Only the worthy may face the Trials of Osiris, for only the worthy are strong enough to endure what is to come. A string of victories will earn great rewards – but lose three times and you’re out.”

In order to participate, players need to first earn a Tournament Ticket. It’s currently unknown as to just how players will be able to earn that. However, getting yourself on Mercury doesn’t guarantee a stay forever. Losing three times will remove you from the Trials and you’ll have to work again to earn another Ticket.

Guardians who are able to survive this ordeal will walk away with great rewards. A rare item is said to drop by scoring wins in the Crucible and the chances are better for those who have increased their Activity Reward Bonus by scoring at least 25 wins in a particular game mode.

It certainly sounds like a challenge that most of the Destiny community will be eager to face.

Source NowGamer

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