ArcheAge Brings New Servers and Shuts Down Character Creation to Battle Long Queues

By   /   Sep 21, 2014

Two new servers have been launched over the weekend for ArcheAge to battle the ever growing issue of congestion, Trion Worlds has announced.

Based in North America, the new servers Ezi and Lucius were set up in Trion’s Texas data center in quick time are are available to play right now.

“We’ve added two new worlds to our North American server list: Ezi (NA) and Lucius (NA)! These servers were racked (physically installed) and imaged (updated with ArcheAge server software) in our Texas data center all in the past day. Here you can see Ezi (NA) and Lucius (NA) in their new home with Senior Systems Engineer Jonathan Johnson. These two servers will be on the new Auction House cluster 5 (AH5). These new servers are now online and available to play right now: Friday September 19 at 4:15 PM PDT (GMT-7).”

Posting on the game’s official website, the developer stated that it has also decided to shut down character creation on other servers in order to tackle the queue congestion from another angle.

The issue of long queues have had been plaguing the game since its launch last weekend and has proved to be an annoyance to the community. The servers – Kyrios, Ollo, Salphira, and Aranzeb, have all been “temporarily closed to new character creation” until further notice or at least until the congestion subsides.

The studio has also promised that new European servers are physically en route to the Amsterdam data center.

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