Ultra Street Fighter IV Omega Mode Announced, Trailer Inside

By   /   Sep 20, 2014

I am sure you have not grown tired of the Ultra Street Fighter IV but it looks like Capcom wants to make sure that you never do. A new game mode has been announced and it’s called the Omega Mode.

The official website of Capcom has a detailed post talking about the upcoming updates to the game as well as the new Omega Mode.

The developers say that they have made this mode to bring a ‘completely fun version of your favorite characters to the game:

Omega mode is a completely new mode in which every character has been modified and outfitted with new normal and special attacks, resulting in a refreshing take on the characters you’ve come to know and love over the last six years. As the primary goal for this mode was fun, we placed more emphasis on making the characters feel new, than on their balance.

So what does this mean? It means that numerous fan favorite strong attacks will be making their way to the game; Shinppu Jinrai Kyaku of Ken and Sagat’s Tiger Raid are just a few that they mentioned.

Moving on, the Ultra Street Fighter IV Omega Mode is also going to be available online but only as far as the unranked matches are concerned. This means that the official tournaments are also going to be a no go area for Omega Mode.

How many of you have been playing Ultra Street Fighter IV so far? Wouldn’t Omega Mode give you a little extra juice with those characters you like?

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