Tekken 7 Gets New Character “Catalina”, A Latin American Vocal Babe

By   /   Sep 20, 2014

Well, if that title didn’t catch your attention I am unsure what might but hey it got me rolling pretty fast.

Ever since Tekken 7 was announced in July, I have been super siked about it and now we have this new Latin American female character that just makes you want to buy the game already.

Her name is Catalina and is going to be a sassy woman who would be quite vocal in the fights – there another thing to look forward to now. She is also going to be a beginner friendly character so everyone who is new to the game might want a piece of her once Tekken 7 releases.

You may go here to check out the TGS stream where she was announced for details.

She is going to be fighting in the Savate style which is a French version of kick boxing and the only form where fighters still wear boots. They have some pretty nasty kicks that could even break a person’s nose into the brain! No exaggeration.

Catalina is going to be playable at the October location tests.

She isn’t the first new character that has been announced for the game, back at San Diego Comic Con Kazumi Mishima, Heihachi’s wife, was unveiled through a teaser.

That is not all, it was also announced during the same stream that at least one more new character will be introduced through location tests. This character is expected to be very different and ‘more along the lines of something you’d find in a 2D fighter.’ Fingers crossed for this one too!

Tekken 7 appears to be only in the initial stages of development as even in July, it was announced only because a video got leaked. Here’s hoping that we get to play it soon next year.

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