Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Will Feature Animal Crossing Costumes

By   /   Sep 20, 2014

At the ongoing Tokyo Game Show, it was revealed that the players will be able to equip Animal Crossing outfits in the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate title.

However, these costumes will not simply be available to equip, instead you will need to craft them and as you can see from the image above, there will is costume of Isabelle alongside her clipboard. Other one is Mr. Resetti costume and he is the one holding the pickaxe in the image.

These costumes will cover your entire Felyne and will also change their sounds to match the characters from Animal Crossing. You can check out how they will sound like by watching the video right here.

In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, there will be no shortage of monsters as it has been revealed that there will be 23 small monsters and 69 large ones, which brings us to a total number of 92.

These creatures making an appearance in previous titles and along with 9 new ones, make quite an interesting roster.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is going to see the light of day on 11th of October in Japan, while the rest of the world will have to wait until the first quarter of next year to get their hands on the game.

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