Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Trailer from TGS Shows Combat, Day/Night Changes

By   /   Sep 20, 2014

We reported recently on the apparent leak of information regarding the Final Fantasy XV demo that is going to come out with Final Fantasy Type-0.

This time, we have more insightful news. This new Final fantasy XV gameplay trailer shows off some new aspects of the game.

The trailer you see above was shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2014, it starts off with a small frog – yes a frog. And a time lapse of the place shows you how the textures change along with the time of the day (the frog being still for all the time) and then we are introduced to the characters.

Later in the Final fantasy XV gameplay trailer, we see them walking around the city and stopping at specific places for more time lapses that show just how beautiful the city looks at different times of the day.

Not to forget the effect that weather has on the atmosphere like puddles of water, soaked clothes and so on.

In the latter half of the video you see Noctis and his friends taking on a Behemoth and Goblins. There is some dodging and a couple of other moves that might interest you.

Check out the Final Fantasy XV gameplay trailer yourself and tell us what you think.

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