Crytek Discusses Absence of Ryse Son of Rome PS4 Version

By   /   Sep 20, 2014

Indeed, the Xbox One sales of Ryse weren’t as impressive as Crytek would have wanted, but that doesn’t mean Ryse Son of Rome PS4 version would have had the same fate. Then why did the developers skip it for a PC version of the game?

The senior producer at Crytek Brian Chambers was recently talking about the matter when he said that as far as the PC version is concerned, it was developed as a direct response to the interest that PC gamers had showed in the game.

He said that they had been contacted by the community at large as well as specifically Crytek fans for PC iteration.

Moving on, he said that the demand for ‘4K experiences’ was also growing and so PC made sense to them, and he continued:

The decision to bring RYSE to PC was logical to us, not only did it allow us to respond directly to our fans, it was an opportunity for us to show off an aspect of what CRYENGINE is capable of. The PS4 has gained a large user base in a short time and CRYTEK will develop titles for it the near future, such as HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age. Currently there is no announcement regarding RYSE coming to PS4.

In my eyes, Ryse Son of Rome PS4 version would have made perfect sense looking at the 10 million strong sales it already has, especially after the Xbox One version couldn’t reach the mark.

However, since the developers didn’t explicitly say no to the PS4 iteration, do you think there could still be a minute chance in its favor?

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