Yebis 3 Tool Will Make Your Game Nice And Blurry

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

Game creation is about to get even shinier than before, as Yebis 3 has recently come out with some improved features. In particular, artificial loss of focus gets a mention in its list of enhancements.

Yebis 3 serves as middleware, meaning it isn’t essential to a project, like an engine might be. Instead, the tool is used to add a layer of post-processing to an existing environment, which is often used to embellish its visual presentation.

In the latest version of the software, you’ll be able to create aberrations in a number of ways that adjust just how blurring is noticeable on a scene. Depending on the choice, Yebis 3 will simulate either thicker or more precise blurring effects that resemble reflections from a lens.

Moreover, it will be possible to fake exactly how open a lens is, which results in out of focus dots on the screen with more or fewer edges. It may sound extremely specific, which it is, but depending on the amount of post-processing an environment has, the game could also become a bigger strain to handle.

Aside from this “bokeh” simulation, Yebis 3 will also include I/O color-space conversion, which is the process of making a color look the same going into a scene as it appears when put out. There is also an option for screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO), which is used to add more shaded contrast to textures.

If this sounds like a ton of technical nonsense, don’t worry, we’re not exactly experts on the subject. All you need to remember is that all those lights shining in your face and blurring that gets added to a game are usually processed by middleware.

You probably saw things like Yebis 3 in some recent games, as its earlier version has already been used in projects like Final Fantasy XV

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