Shadow of Mordor PC to be Live Streamed Today, FPS Capped at 100

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

Edging closer to the Shadow of Mordor PC version’s release date, I am sure many of the fans would be super siked about how the game is going to feel like when they finally install it on their machines.

Well, obviously there are some days left before you can actually play it for yourself, there are a couple of new details that might help you anticipate what’s coming.

Developer Monolith Studios announced an AMA session (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit with an intention to share more details regarding the PC iteration of the game.

The first notable chunk of information was shared by the director of design Mike de Planter who announced that Shadow of Mordor PC version’s frame rate will be capped at 100 owing to internal engine settings.

Well, I think that isn’t much of an issue except for those who have monstrous hardware.

The second tidbit is going to garner more of your interest as it is about Shadow of Mordor PC version livestream that is going to be held by Nvidia.

According to Planter, at 3PM PST on September 19, there will be a 24 hour game stream that will include the livestream of PC version. If you are in the UK, this means 11PM by the way.

I think this will be a good place for you to check out the gameplay. However, don’t forget it is hosted by Nvidia so it might focus mainly on the graphics options that are specific to them.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is going to be released on Microsoft Windows on September 30, 2014; PS4 and Xbox One versions release in North America on September 30 while in Europe on October 3; PS3 and box 360 versions release on November 18 in North American region and on November 21 in the European region.

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