Scalebound Multiplayer Teased by Producer, Reveal Trailer has Hints?

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

Platinum Games is usually known for being the developer behind Bayonetta series, now they are working on something that could potentially change that.

Scalebound was announced at this year’s E3 conference and it has the attention of many of us by the hooks; but would you be able to share the experience with your friends or is it just a single player title?

The game producer at Platinum Games, Atsushi Inaba was questioned about the same thing at the Tokyo game Show 2014 but he decided to stick with only teasing about the Scalebound multiplayer:

Unfortunately, we are unable to comment or say at this time. But as Kamiya touched on it earlier, we are not building this as a pure sort of linear boss [game. The] player can then go and go back if you want to and replay the entire game, so we’ll kind of leave that up to your imagination. After this session you will be able to go back to the trailer. As we said every shot counts and every shot means something, there may be something [there].

He also added that the intention behind the game was to create something that would keep the players attached with it for a long time.

Well, go ahead and check out the E3 reveal trailer and then come back and tell us if you could decipher something.

If anything, this does mean that the developers aren’t going with a straight no on the topic – what exactly is it that they have in mind, only time will tell.

Scalebound is being developed as an Xbox One exclusive title but as of now, the final release date has not been confirmed – except that it would come out sometime in 2015.

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