Scalebound Forms Deep Bonds Between Dragons and Humans

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

A recent interview with Director Hideki Kamiya and Producer Atsushi Inaba had them talking about their upcoming Xbox One exclusive title Scalebound.

According to Kamiya-san, the team wanted to create a title that featured gigantic monster battles. The next bit was deciding what kind of monsters they would be working on. Kamiya-san’s natural love for dragons made that decision easy.

However, the game is more than a simple brawl with these creatures. According to Platinum Games, the game forms a bond between the winged beasts and the player through its storyline and gameplay. As the game progresses, this bond deepens and pulls the player more into its fantasy setting.

On being asked how do the players and dragons communicate, Kamiya-san said that it’s related to the game’s mechanics and is something he’s not ready to talk about. He did however mention that in Scalebound, dragons are seen more as a separate life form than simply a pet or a tool to have ends meet.

Producer Inaba pitched in, explaining that they decided on using Unreal Engine 4 for the game because it’s on a new hardware. This gives them the opportunity to tackle multiple new elements.

He also praised the level of support Platinum Games has received from a high level partner like Microsoft. In his words, he called it a “stimulating experience” and feels right at home working on the company’s new console.

Scalebound is an upcoming exclusive for the Xbox One, which is being kept tightly in a security net. Information on it is scarce and we’re hoping for a full reveal during the ongoing TGS 2014.

Source Game Watch

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