Road Redemption Thrashes Onto Early Access

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

Oh boy, September 18 certainly was a busy day to release your game. On Steam alone, over ten new titles made it to the store and most of them are pretty damn great even.

One of those titles to drop on Early Access is Road Redemption. You may remember it from the preview we did for the arcade title.

Well, the developers haven’t just been counting their money, because the Road Rash tribute has been chugging along and has added a lot of the features the team had talked about. You’ll still be able to beat bikers to a pulp with weapons like pipes and shovels, but there’s a lot more to go on now.

For starters, the Road Redemption has added firearms, where it previously only had explosives for an added punch. Granted, the aiming system with a free camera is rather disorienting, but the tradeoff is that you can easily pick off riders from afar with one timely shot.

Moreover, Road Redemption has introduced both its currency system and experience enhancements. In the former, you’ll be able to receive money from completing objectives, which can then be put into boosting your statistics.

While these things go away when you die, to provide some roguelike flair, experience gained during a playthrough can be used to permanently improve your character in Road Redemption. You’ll likely need it to bolster your health, if you want our advice.

Moreover, the game has added new environments, such as a ridiculously perilous rooftop stage. Visuals have been tightened up as well.

On the latter part, the combination of both better visuals and a lot more activity on screen has caused the performance of Road Redemption to suffer a bit. Hopefully, this will be ironed out as the game sees Early Access updates.

Road Redemption is also available in multiplayer for even wackier bike violence antics. For the best possible deal, we advise picking up a copy through the Humble Store.

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