Neon Roguelike Shooter Heavy Bullets Now On Steam

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

Given the sheer magnitude of games that released on September 18, it’s hard to stay updated. On Steam alone, tons of titles all dropped on the same day, so allow us to direct you to the best ones.

Heavy Bullets is one of those games fighting for some attention on the Steam storefront. It had previously already been blasting through Early Access.

This minimalist shooter blends together elements from twitch gameplay with  roguelike traits of upgrades and permadeath.

Each playthrough is set in randomly generated dungeons, seen in first person. While the goal of reaching the end sounds quite simple, there are tons of obstacles on the way.

Monsters are quick and venomous in their tenacity. Additionally, progressing through dungeons increases the difficulty of creatures you’ll encounter.

Another large hindrance in Heavy Bullets is its titular ammo design. Each bullet fired will remain on the floor somewhere, but ammo refills are nearly non-existent, so you’ll need to search for your shells.

Trying not to fire, while at the same time getting spooked by swift enemies, provides a tense environment in between the neon, self-colored walls of Heavy Bullets. Luckily, it’s possible to upgrade during a playthrough.

Different items can be added as an auxiliary tool, ranging from bombs to scopes for your weapon. Moreover, periodic stores can change currency for gear.

Coins and items can also be stored in a bank. Through this method, it’s possible to somewhat cheat the final aspect of permadeath and carry over certain goods to a better playthrough.

Heavy Bullets is one of several quirky projects under the banner of publisher Devolver Digital. They recently also released pigeon dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend and movie tie-in The Expendabros.

On its Steam page, the developer of Heavy Bullets has mentioned that the launch build is final, claiming:

While there are no plans to add more content, I will stick around the boards and keep fixing bugs and getting feedback from players.

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