Seems Like Microsoft Won’t Change Minecraft YouTube Monetization Rules

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

Microsoft took over Mojang, the developer of Minecraft along with all its assets only recently.

The deal involved big bags of money, as expected, and led to some of us thinking about how Microsoft would now go about policy making in terms of the YouTube content for the hugely popular sandbox game. Some were even worried that the software giant would seize the permission given to YouTubers for making ‘let’s play’ videos and others.

Similar were the concerns of folks at TheGamesCabin who inquired a Microsoft representative on the matter.

Luckily, for all you YouTube users out there, Microsoft doesn’t seem to have a problem with the videos as long as they are in line with the policy of the video sharing website:

Thanks for waiting. If I’m going to look at this at face value, as long as you’re not advertising videos that violate the advertisement policy of YouTube and the content of the video doesn’t support piracy or other ways to promote illegal distribution of the game, it’s okay, Chris. There are a lot of let’s play, video reviews and walkthroughs of other games out there.

While many of us would know what it means, let me be clearer for those who don’t. Usually YouTube users create videos and upload them in order to get monetary returns out of them. YouTube monetization is a sprawling industry and Minecraft being a game played by millions, is one good area to make videos for.

However, after the clarification given by the rep, that is not the case and Minecraft videos are all game for YouTube monetization.

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