Diablo 3: Future Patches to Make Gem Harvesting Easier and Fix Chat Box Issue

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

Various postings by Blizzard on its official forums have informed Diablo 3 players with what updates to expect in future patches.

The developer is still working on a method to provide a better and efficient way for players to farm gems they need. According to a post by “Nevalistis” players should have an easier way to gather specific gems, as well as better methods to use the gems currently not being used. Blizzard plans to address this issue in a future patch but from the sound of it, it will not be the immediate next one.

A recently reported issue with the chat box prevents players from clicking the Accept Button for Rifts, GRs and Trial Rifts. This also gets activated during battles, where players find themselves locked out in the chat mode.

A Blizzard representative acknowledged the problem and promised to bring it up in their next meeting.

“I’ve encountered this when I’m playing, and agree that it’s an inconvenience. I’ll be sure to bring this up in our next meeting.”

Last week, game designer John Yang revealed that they would be buffing pets in the game. That would make Witch Doctors the happiest since they are the ones with the most to derive from buffed up pets.

According to Yang, Blizzard has a list of possible ways to achieve this but these are still on paper and in no way are final. For now he believes that pets should scale with the survivability stats of its owners. Right now they scale with most of your stats but not all of them. More details have been promised in the future.

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