Destiny Trophies and Achievements Guide With Complete Walkthrough

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

There are 42 total Achievements/Trophies in Bungie’s online shooter, Destiny. You may need to complete multiple playthroughs on different difficulty settings to earn Platinum.

Destiny Trophies and Achievements

Since the game is an online-only shooter, none of the Achievements/Trophies are earned offline – that’s a no-brainer. In this guide, I’ll provide you with a complete roadmap to make your way to Platinum Trophy.

Guardian Lord
Earn all Trophies/Achievements in Destiny.

Change of Heart
Reverse a decision you made in an upgrade grid.

You need to be level 7 to earn this one. At level 7, you’ll unlock tier two ability in the upgrade tree. Open up your inventory and select your subclass followed by learning the recently unlocked ability.

Ship Rite
Rebuild a Jumpship.

Bane of the Emperor
Kill 25 Cabal with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.

This type of enemy appears on Mars and consists of Legionary, Phalanx, and Psion. You need to deliver the killing blow by shooting these enemies in the head. It’s better if you try and do it with Legionary and Psions.

Decrypt 25 Engrams.

Check out our Destiny Engrams Farming and once you’ve accumulated twenty-five, take them to Master Rahool in the Tower. You won’t need any marks or reputation points to decrypt these engrams.

Use of Weapons
Dismantle 50 pieces of armour or weapons.

First off, this should be only done with armour and weapons that you don’t need. To dismantle a piece of gear, press the start button and then select the desired item. Press square on PS4/PS3 and X on Xbox One/Xbox 360.

The Life Exotic
Obtain and equip a piece of Exotic gear.

Exotic gear is one step ahead of legendary gear and is the hardest to obtain. There are many ways of earning exotic gear, but not all of them work 100%. These ways are:

  • Weekly Heroic Strike
  • Purchasable from Xur, Agent of the Nine
  • Decrypting Legendary/Exotic Engram
  • Raid Drop
  • Exotic Bounties

Check out our How to Acquire Exotic/Legendary Gear  for more information on this.

A New Steed
Obtain and equip a new personal vehicle.

This is unmissable.

Suited for War
Have all armour and weapon slots equipped with Legendary or Exotic gear.

Your character is equipped with five armour pieces and three weapons. You need to make sure that all of those are legendary/exotic gear. You can check out our How to Acquire Exotic/Legendary Gear 100% to earn such gear with 100% certainty.

Bane of the Kell
Kill 25 Fallen with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.

Unlike Cabal, Fallen will appear right off the bat. Once again, you need to deliver the killing blow by taking a headshot. You’ll see yellow damage numbers as a confirmation sign.

Lucky 7s
Attain a Grimoire score of 777.

In Destiny, you earn Grimoire score for almost everything you do; completing missions, killing new enemies, opening new worlds, and finding gear.

You’ll also earn around 250 Grimoire score for reviving all Dead Ghosts – we’ll discuss it later in the guide. Ideally, you’ll automatically earn 777 or more during the main storyline.

Bane of the Dead
Kill 25 Hive with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.

Like I’ve mentioned previously in the guide, this one requires you to deliver a killing blow with a headshot. While you’ll come across some Hive enemies near the end of the first chapter, it’s better to go for this challenge during the chapter #2.

Inspect another player.

You’ll come across tons of players in the Tower to inspect. To begin, lock onto a character and hit start followed by selecting the option of player inspection.

Blink of an Eye
Kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds.

This one is quite easy to do and you’ll come across tons of ways to do this. Start the Chapter #1 Restoration and head over to the right side from the start.

Keep on heading forward and go into the hole followed by taking the stairs. Keep on going and you’ll come across a small battalion of enemies in front of you. Toss a grenade near their location and it should unlock.

Earn the maximum weekly Vanguard score.

To earn this, you need to hit the weekly cap for vanguard marks which is 100. Check out our Maximizing Vanguard Marks in 4 Hours for more information on this!

Earn the maximum weekly Crucible score.

To earn this, you need to hit the weekly cap for crucible marks which is 100. The only way to earn these marks is by playing crucible matches.

For each win, you’ll get 3 crucible marks and for each defeat, you’ll receive 2 marks. Just keep on playing these matches like Rumble and you’ll get to it.

Public Defender
Earn the highest tier of completion in 10 public events.

To earn this one, you don’t have to complete 10 different events as it can be earned by completing a same public event 10 times on the same planet.

Check out our Public Events Guide to learn more about each Public Event and how to complete them effectively.

Finders Keepers
Assist in capturing 50 capture points in Control.

Control is played like Domination from popular first-person shooter titles. The best way to earn this is to rush towards the nearest capture point at the start of the match.

Other than this, you can join in a teammate while he/she is capturing a point and it’ll count towards this challenge.

Relic Hunter
Assist in capturing 20 capture points in Salvage.

Salvage is almost identical to Control, but it only appears on weekends and has only one capture point. Similar to ‘Finders Keepers’, join a teammate as she/he is capturing a point and it’ll count towards your challenge completion.

Hunter Killer, Giant Slayer, and Witch Hunt
Contrary to what the description of these Trophies/Achievements state, you don’t need to kill hundreds of these classes, but only make your assists count.

Head into the crucible playlists and start damaging other players to start progressing towards this one.

Ask Questions Later
Earn a first strike kill in PVP.

To earn this, you need to be the first one to score a kill in PVP. This can be easily done in modes like Rumble or Control. As soon as the match starts, head over to the enemy spawn point and go into the crouch mode to suppress the motion sensor.

Kill the first enemy you see and you’ll unlock this.

Excessive Force
Register 25 kills in PVP with heavy weapons.

While playing the PVP modes, the heavy weapons will appear after a couple of minutes. You’ll have to rush to the drop location and get your hands on the weapon.

You can also retrieve it from a dead foe. Once you’ve scored the weapons, score twenty-five kills with it in any number of matches to earn this.

Triple Play
Kill a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock without dying in a PVP match.

This one is certainly one of the hardest Achievements/Trophies in the game and is purely based on luck. Contrary to the official description, you need to score a triple kill on these classes to earn it.

You can also go for two kills and one assist to make it count. Since this is purely based on hit and trial, you can try and go for rocket launchers or super abilities to increase the chances.

Raider, Raiding Party, Epic Raider, and Flawless Raider
All these Achievements/Trophies revolve around completing the Raid ‘Vault of the Glass’. You can check out our Vault of Glass Raid Guide for everything you need to know about the raids.

Vanguard Honour
Attain Vanguard Rank 3.

Basically, you need to keep on stacking the vanguard reputation until you reach rank 3. There are lots of ways of doing this, which include:

  • Material Exchanging
  • Strike Missions
  • Patrol Missions
  • Heroic Strike Missions
  • Vanguard Bounties

You can check out our Destiny Vanguard Reputation Guide to know more about how reputation works and how to earn it effectively!

A Friend Indeed
Resurrect 5 fallen players.

You’ll automatically earn this while playing crucible and strike missions. All this requires is reviving five fallen teammates.

Rising Vanguard, Strength of the Pack, and Flawless Striker
All three of these Achievements/Trophies revolve around completing strike missions in the game. There are 6 strikes available in the game, as of this instant:

We’ve compiled separate guides on each of these and you can check them out to know the best ways of a flawless playthrough.

Ghost Hunter
Discover 50 dead ghosts.

There are 62 Dead Ghosts scattered across five locations of the Destiny. You need to discover only fifty of them to unlock this one. You can check out our Destiny Dead Ghosts Locations for help on getting this one.

Dragon Slayer
Kill a champion of the Dark.

Hunter Mastery, Titan Mastery, and Warlock Mastery
To earn this, you need to upgrade each of the sub-classes of every class in the game:

  • Hunter: Gunslinger and Bladedancer
  • Titan: Striker and Defender
  • Warlock: Void Walker and Sunsinger

You need to avoid switching between different sub-classes too often. Just make sure to maximize one sub-class first and then move onto the other one!

A decent way of leveling up fast is to equip the sub-class you need to upgrade before claiming bounty rewards. This Achievement/Trophy requires a lot of grinding and time and will probably one of the last ones that you’ll unlock in the game.

Bane of the Machines
Kill 25 Vex with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.

Vex appear on the Venus and in order to score a precision kill, you don’t need to target their heads. Instead, you need to target their abdomen.

Throughout the Venus, you’ll come across heaps of these enemies; especially during Chapter #5 on the Venus. Score twenty-five precision kills and you’ll unlock it.

Packing Heat and Fully Weaponized
To fully upgrade an exotic weapon, you’ll need required materials which consist of 32 weapon parts, 80 rare material including Spinmetal, Helium Filaments, Iron, and Spirit Bloom, and 18 Ascendant Energy.

Weapon parts are easily acquired by dismantling useless weapons – you can refer above in the guide to know how to dismantle a weapon. For rare materials, we’ve compiled separate farming guides for each of these:

As for earning Ascendant Energy, these are mostly acquired by completing raids, but you can also earn them by completing level 26 or higher daily heroic strike missions, weekly heroic strikes, gold tier public events, and dismantling legendary and exotic gear.

Once you’ve acquired all these items, upgrade your weapon to the full and you’ll unlock it.

If you need any further help with anything, comment below, and we’ll get back to you!

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