Destiny Hunter Gunslinger Builds Guide – PvP and PvE

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

The Gunslinger is the futuristic cowboy (or cowgirl), yielding a shiny revolver and tossing knive sat foes.

It’s not about getting up close and personal with the Gunslinger specialization – far from it in fact, as it’s made to deal damage from medium range with a shiny revolver, and some crispy knives that can cause 3rd degree burns.

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Destiny Hunter Gunslinger Builds

This guide will give you a few builds to try out with the Gunslinger. Note that these builds are subject to change if and whenever certain parts of the game are nerfed or buffed in future updates.

You can also share your views and your builds in the comments section below!

Build #1 – PvP Gun ‘Em DownClick to View Build
Pew pew! The Gunslinger’s name says it all, and should give you a good idea of what kind of play-style you’ll be adopting. Basically, you’re the ranged DPS character of the lot, and your job is to move around and do the damage from a distance.

In short, never get close. A typical Gunslinger styled grenade comes in the form of the Swarm. These little buggers barely do any damage, but they make players in PvP jump like a whiplash on the buttocks.

It’s fun when you’re defending a flag or actually trying to capture one, or if you want to lure the poor suckers into a trap. Point is it puts enemies off, and that’s always a good thing.

The Double Jump is already a cool move by itself, but you can make it even cooler by increase the overall jump height. This will make give you height advantage when shooting with your Golden Gun, and also make you a harder target to hit (it also gives you a good aim to throw your knife).

Speaking of Golden Gun, it’s really your bread and butter ability. Take out that sexy magnum and shoot ‘em up.

That of course is an ability that requires a bit of precision, so you could help yourself with Deadeye for good accuracy. However, if your aim is good enough, take use of Gunfighter so you can wield your shiny revolver as often as possible.

Throwing Knife has to be the coolest melee skill, simply because it isn’t melee at all. It remains true to the theme and play-style of the Gunslinger, allowing you to toss knives from a distance for some great damage.

Yeah, it is stupidly hard to land these accurately at first, but once you get the hand of it you’ll be loving how you can finish off fleeing enemies with your blades.

The cherry on the sundae comes from the Incendiary Blade, which will add burning damage over time to your knives.

If you love your knives a lot, which with this build you should, you’ll want Scavenger and Gambler’s Dagger. Though ammo drops aren’t entirely abundant in PvP, you’ll have a good idea of where to go and what to do to reduce the cool-down on your TK.

Gambler’s Dagger will give you an extra knife to use, which is very, very useful considering one knife is almost never enough.

Recommended Stats
A mix of Intellect and Strength should do good with this build, as your Knives tend to almost as useful as your Golden Gun if used properly. Intellect combined with Gunfighter will really reduce the cool-down of your revolver.

Build #2 – Aim BotClick to View Build
It’s never fun to be accused, but you can’t help but love the feeling when someone calls you an aimbotter even though you’re relying purely on your skills. If you want that feeling, you want to try out this build.

The emphasis of this build is almost entirely on Golden Gun, and to be more specific Deadeye for the GG. Deadeye will make your revolver’s accuracy much better, and when combined with Over the Horizon, it will give it the potential to be used as a sniper rifle.

Note that Over the Horizon’s description is a little misleading – the modifier doesn’t actually increase the range of the GG, but only gets rid of the damage fall-off.

That means that irrespective of whether you shoot an enemy standing two feet in front of you or an enemy 100 feet away from you, the damage will always be the same (and lethal in case of PvP).

This makes GG extremely useful in both PvP and PvE, being deadly in the former. Players will hide and run away from you when they find out how ridiculously accurate your gun is. Those who fall victim will probably accuse you of using an Aimbot.

GG with Deadeye will also allow you to land Precision Kills more often, and we can best utilize it with Gunslinger’s Trance. This will further increase weapon stability, meaning additional accuracy, and you can literally start a chain of increasingly accurate kill shots as it stacks 3 times.

This is one killer build (some would even call it overpowered) and works brilliantly in both PvP and PvE.

Recommended Stats
It’s pretty obvious here that you’re going to go all-out Intellect for this. Reduce the cool-down of Golden Gun as much as possible and start stacking them Precision Kills!

Build #3 – PvE Bullets and FlamesClick to View Build
This is a damage over time focused ability for PvE games, and utilizes the Incendiary Grenade. The Incendiary grenade works better against PvE because, frankly speaking, the AI is rather stupid.

They won’t care too much when you toss the grenade between them – it’ll explode and catch them on fire, and you’ll be a happy gamer.

To add to the misery, you want to take Combustion with Golden Gun. This ability upgrade is redundant when used in PvP since the GG is mostly lethal anyway, but for PvE you want to maximize damage, and for that Combustion is an ideal choice.

The story with your Throwing Knife remains more or less the same though – a burning Incendiary Knife should allow you to keep your enemies on fire after a barrage of shots from your GG and a toss of the Incendiary Grenade.

Lastly, the highlight of this build isn’t the Combustion from Golden Gun – it’s the modifier Keyhole that takes the spotlight. This nifty little skill will give your Golden Gun penetration, so it can hurt more than one enemy (and yes, the other enemies will also burn through Combustion).

In PvP players hardly tend to pack against each other, so it becomes a useless skill over there; however, PvE has the AI opponents, and more often than not when you face large hordes you’ll notice them cluster up, allowing you to take use of Keyhole and rack up multiple kills.

Recommended Stats
A no-brainer once again, Intellect takes priority over the rest, as Golden Gun will be your most reliable source of damage.

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