Destiny Hunter Bladedancer Builds Guide – PvP and PvE

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

The Bladedancer is your cyber ninja specialization. With lightweight armor and a shiny Arc blade at your disposal, you’re meant to use your powerful cloaking ability and stab enemies from behind.

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Destiny Hunter Bladedancer Builds

Speed, stealth, and agility are the main attributes of this powerful attacking specialization.

This guide will give you a few builds to try out once you unlock all the abilities and modifiers for the Bladedancer. Note that these builds are subject to change whenever the game gets update. If you have your own builds you wish to share, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Build #1 – PvP Way of the Assassin
This is a PvP focused build for the Bladedancer that utilizes some of the signature assassination techniques used by the specialization.

While specializations like the Voildwalker and Sunsinger are blessed with some amazing grenades, the same can’t be said about the Bladedancer, whose grenades are more or less teasers, particularly for Titans and PvE enemies.

The best and easiest grenade to use though is the Arc Bolt grenade, and it usually forces players to run away, so we’ll go with that.

As far as your jumping technique is concerned, Bladedancers have the amazing Blink ability to modify the Double Jump; a second jump will teleport you a couple of yards in front in the direction you are facing.

This is very confusing for PvP enemies and adds a lot of mobility. Combine it with your melee-oriented Arc Blade and Blink Strike, you can close space rapidly and land some lethal hits.

Arc Blade is the super-move, and the single most important ability for being an all-out assassin with the Bladedancer specialization.

Arc Blade does have a slight learning curve in both PvP and PvE, since it requires closing down space between you and the opponent, and quick weapon swapping if required. For this we’ll take Quick Draw as well.

Arc Blade will get a bonus ability with Showstopper, a powerful blast that will deal damage to surrounding enemies and can be lethal in PvP.

Your next ability in line that is second to the Arc Blade is Blink Strike. This is powerful melee strike that hurts your opponent and takes them by surprise, and can be lethal if performed from the back through Back Stab.

We took Fast Twitch here instead, because using Blink Strike regularly is something to good to ignore in PvP.

Recommended Stats
Grenades don’t make up a large part of a Bladedancer’s game, so it’s best to go with armor that would give you Intellect and Strength.

Build #2 – Shadow Ninja
This is a build that is suitable for both PvP and PvE, and focuses on the stealth aspects of the Bladedancer. The specialization has a unique ability to cloak itself, which is certainly more useful in PvE than PvP as in the latter enemies can still spot a blue highlight that becomes more vivid as you move faster.

However, it still has its uses once you learn to utilize it properly. For this build we’re using the Skip grenade, which is nice for both PvP and PvE, but suited more towards the latter as Arc Bolt seems to be more instantaneous.

If you’re playing PvE, you might want to opt for Better Control over Blink for your Double Jump. Arc Blade for this build is utilizing Vanish, which will make you disappear completely in PvE and makes you a difficult target in PvP.

What’s more important in PvP though is that you’re harder to detect on the enemy radar, and there is a delay. This can be used to your advantage especially when you have an enemy on your tail.

Using Vanish and then executing a powerful set of stabs with your Arc Blade can really put you in an advantageous position. Moreover, this ability is further aided with by the Shadowjack modifier, which increases the overall duration of your cloaking.

For Blink Strike, you’ll have more or less the same result; you’ll be cloaked up whenever you hit an enemy, leaving them to wonder where exactly that jab came from.

Last but not least is the all-powerful Stalker modifier. This will allow you to become cloaked when you remain crouched for a certain amount of time.

While its usefulness is debatable in PvP (and can be switched for something like Hungering Blade), it has a lot of use in PvE Nightfall missions and whenever survival becomes an absolute necessity (which is almost all the time).

Recommended Stats
An powerful set of armor that gives you plenty of Intellect ought to do it for this build. You’ll be invisible much more frequently and have lots of fun stabbing enemies.

Build #3 – PvE Crouching Tiger
This build is more or less the same as the previous one, though with a couple of differences. In PvE, you want to maximize both damage and survival.

For this, Flux grenade tends to work well, as it does more damage than the other two. The only problem is that it doesn’t quite cut it against skinny opponents because it’s hard to land, but against bulky bosses it will benefit you lots.

Another big difference from the previous build is Showstopper for Arc Blade. It’s a bit redundant in PvE to have more than one method of invisibility, so in order to maximize damage either Showstopper or Razor’s Edge should take the spot.

The rest of the build is pretty much the same as the previous one, with the emphasis being on Stalker. Enemies in PvE lose total sight of you when you cloak, but will continue to shoot at the last spot they saw you.

Using Stalker and quickly crouching away from enemy line of fire will give you a chance to recuperate. More importantly, Stalker plays a pivotal role in survivability during Nightfall missions.

Recommended Stats
Intellect and Strength should cut it for this build. Again, your grenades aren’t going to help too much, so it’s best to stack on as much of these two stats as possible.

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