Destiny – How to Level Up Weapons and Armor Quickly

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

Leveling up your character in Destiny is undoubtedly important, but so is the case of your gear that includes weapon and armor. Upgrading both weapon and armor boosts different stats attached to that particular piece of armor or weapon.

If I were to simplify things, I would say that in order to upgrade armor and weapon is by constantly using them in combat and earn experience points.

However, earning experience can be a tiresome task for some players.

Besides, when we talk about upgrading guns, weapons like sniper rifles, shotguns, and rocket launchers do not contain a large amount of ammo to use them consistently. Therefore, a quicker method is needed for these kinds of guns.

First off, coming to experience points, it is shared among weapon, armor, and your character. For any amount of experience points that you earn, it goes to upgrading your character, weapon, and armor.

Once again, this can be a tedious process for some, which brings us to a faster and reliable method: completing bounties.

How to Level Up Weapons and Armor Quickly
Now, I know there are some bounties, which are quite hard and time consuming, but these also reward you with massive experience points, say, 10,000 XP per bounty. Then there are simpler ones, which require you to kill 100 human players with lesser XP rewards.

There will always be a bounty to suit your playstyle and you will be completing them during the normal course of the game. You can further boost this method by signing up for more than one bounty at a time and gain insane XP bonuses.

Now let us assume that you completed a couple of bounties and are on your way back to the bounty guy in the Tower to claim your rewards.

At this point, you need to equip your character with weapon and armor that you wish to upgrade. This is very important that you do this before claiming your rewards!

After equipping your character with weapon and armor that you wish to upgrade, simply talk to the bounty dude and claim your reward, which will instantly level up your weapon, armor, and character.

So far, this is the only and fastest way of upgrading your gear, but if you are aware of any other means, let us know in the comments below, and I’ll update the guide with your feedback!

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