Destiny to Get New PvP and PvE Public Events Starting Today

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

Destiny has just been out for almost ten days and already, as promised, Bungie is shuffling and adding new content to keep the experience fresh for players. Continuing the tradition, they have revealed Queen’s Wrath PvE content for the game.

This new content will become part of the game on coming Tuesday and will run until 6th of October. It will feature mixture of new bounties and challenging game modes alongside some unique rewards that will consist of “Legendary Gear and Unique Rare Gear.”

In addition to filling up the PvE playlist, there is also something for the players who want to go against other players in game’s Crucible (PvP) mode, as developers are going to release Combined Arms, which is described as:

This is all out war on a massive scale. Guardians fight to survive in vehicular combat. Form up into Fireteams of six. Drive toward supremacy and glory.

This Combined Arms PvP will be available as of today and will go on until Monday. It will reward you with special Crucible Gear, Crucible Marks and Crucible Reputation.

The developers do not want to stop here, as they have revealed that a special playlist called “Salvage” will become part of Destiny in the coming days, while the October will get an “Iron Banner playlist.” However, no details on these playlists have been revealed yet.

Are you looking forward to try out new playlists of Destiny?

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