4X Endless Legend Exits Early Access For Steam Launch

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

September 18 saw over a dozen releases on Steam alone. Some of those games were projects that had been on Early Access and chose to launch on that date, all at the same time.

Strategy title Endless Legend is one of those names to hit Steam. It had been fighting its 4X conquest battles on Early Access since April.

If you were already a customer to the game, you still needed to know about one faction. With the launch, Cultists have joined the fight to dominate the planet of Auriga.

Their conquest is quite different, as everything is decided from one city; you can’t build settlers or even expand from taking over enemy cities. Any other settlement is immediately razed.

Instead, this clan focuses on converting subjects and adding lots of minor factions to their cause for extra units. You’ll need to build up a lot of influence and manage your capital well to succeed.

Of course, the launch build comes with achievements and Steam Trading Cards as well. Balancing will also see some unit stats being changed.

Armies can now auto-explore, if you’re confident you can take on the many lairs of the land. It’s also possible to make units sleep.

Endless Legend has a lot of content to offer fans of strategy and roleplaying games (RPG) alike. You won’t just have to build armies and send them to war; you’ll also be able to upgrade their equipment, raise hero levels and give them additional attributes.

Moreover, the map is filled with ruins that can grant additional side quests, which yield luxuries or even special items of their own. You can boost your empire if you have the proper goods or buy your way to power through a marketplace.

There’s a lot to like about Endless Legend. Developer Amplitude is also still working on Endless of the Legend, which uses the same lore.

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