343 Industries Explains Why Halo: The Master Chief Collection Cannot Come To PC, Yet!

By   /   Sep 19, 2014

PC gamers have been craving to play the new games in the Halo franchise on their computers for quite a while now, but Microsoft has always limited the series to Xbox console.

However, with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, PC players were hoping to play the games that they didn’t get before, but it looks like that is not going to happen anytime soon.

The executive producer of 343 Industries, Daniel Ayoub gave an interview to Kotaku where he said that the development of this upcoming collection is currently focused on Xbox One.

We’ve definitely heard the questions about PC. Right now we’re a couple months out from the Xbox version’s release, and that’s our main focus right now. That’s quite honestly where all our headspace is right now.

He continued on to say that with the collection of this high scale, it is very difficult to release two versions at the same time.

From a technical standpoint, you look at the architecture of the Xbox One and there are some similarities to the architecture of a modern PC. That certainly makes that sort of cross-platform development easier. But beyond that the ease goes away. Master Chief Collection is massive. We have to coordinate four games, 100-plus maps, a lot of new cinematics, and Halo 2 Anniversary.

Currently, the developers are looking to bring the popular franchise to Xbox One, but after that they may consider the possibility of releasing Halo: The Master Chief collection on PC because there is a large community there, who would love to get their hands on Halo series.

PC version of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection will certainly be welcomed by the players and hopefully, 343 Industries will make that happen.

Would you like play the famous franchise on your PC?

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