Something Called ‘Green Cloud’ from Bioware and EA Rated by Australian Classification Board

By   /   Sep 18, 2014

We have picked up word that something called ‘Green Cloud’ was rated by the Australian Classification Board recently. Alright, all this is pretty mysterious so far and I haven’t been able to get more out of the rumor mill either. However, it looks like a new game is incoming from BioWare and EA.

What is the second game that comes into your mind when these two names come together? Yeah, Dragon Age Inquisition! So with all the good work they have done on DAI, the one thing I hope is that this title matches the hopes too.

That is of course after we find out what kind of a game Green Cloud is – the same also happens to be a term used to refer to environmental benefits that IT can bring to the society over the internet. How on earth will that fit into a game, is still a question.

Coming back to the Australian rating of the game, it has been rated MA 15+ for ‘strong fantasy violence and sexual references, online interactivity.’

In the detailed rating, it has a strong impact of themes, violence and sex; while a moderate impact of language and nudity.

What tricks me right now is that there is no other information available on the title and whenever something like that happens, it usually means one thing; the term Green Cloud is only being used as a codename.

Since EA is the publisher and BioWare is the developer of this presumed title, we will be contacting both of them for more information and let you know when they let out some more information about Green Cloud, or whatever it might get called officially.

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