Monster Hunter 4G TGS Trailer Shows Dara Amadyura Species and More

By   /   Sep 18, 2014

Monster Hunter 4G, or Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate as we know it in the North American region is probably close to completion as it was evidenced through the Tokyo game Show 2014 trailer recently.

TGS is supposed to bring in the best for the Japanese titles and we have not been disappointed so far. The trailer in question runs a healthy two minute 48 seconds and shows off a long list of enemies that you will go up against.

If you watch it closely, the monster shown at the 43 second mark is probably the most important of all the enemies in the trailer. From what it looks like, it is a subspecies of the Dara Amadyura. People who have player Monster Hunter 4 would know that Dara Amadyura was the end boss that you had to fight.

Monster Hunter 4G /Ultimate is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive title that is actually an enhanced version of the MH4. It is slated for a release in Japan on October 11, 2014 but the North American and European release dates are yet to be confirmed, expect it sometime in early 2015 though.

Could the Dara Amadyura subspecies be the end boss for Monster Hunter 4G too? I hope not.

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