Free Quake Live On Steam Lets You Relive Shooter History

By   /   Sep 18, 2014

There are a ton of games releasing on Steam all the times these days and free-to-play games can be hit or miss. In this instance, however, you should really go out and try Quake Live, since it costs no money and it’s a direct line into first-person shooter history.

Quake was one of the pioneers in hectic multiplayer action for shooters. It paved the way for a few features related to fast-paced matches, introducing the ability to join in-game and filling up matches with bots.

While Quake Live doesn’t take after the original, but rather Quake III Arena, that iteration does still precede to modern era of shooters, such as Halo. For those who were more into the Unreal games, it picks up the velocity of the Tournament editions a bit more, for reference.

You can play Quake Live for pretty much any hassle free mode you’d like. Classic features include Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Domination.

There will be over 100 arenas to fight in. Some will be new material provided by developer id Software.

Another great aspect about Quake Live is that levels offer varied, multi-tiered shootouts. There are a lot of floor differences, with jump pads, stairs, hallways and in some levels there may even be a lot of environmental hazards to maneuver.

It’s also possible to track your stats and given that this is quite the challenging title, you’re likely to take a beating in that area.

Hopefully the Windows 7 requirement won’t hold off too many of the old guard wanting to return to Quake Live. It should be doable to run the game with modest rigs.

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