Final Fantasy XV Enemies Goblins and Garulas Return

By   /   Sep 18, 2014

We might have to wait for a really, really long time before eventually FFXV releases, we only just got to know about the beta version.

However, details regarding the title keep popping up every now and then and keep us clinging on for more.

The latest that we have for you involves the Final Fantasy XV enemies. The trailer that was shown off at Tokyo game Show recently shed light on the game’s world in great detail, however, the most interesting bit was about at least two returning enemies.

At least two odd looking creatures were shown off that the new comers might not know about. However, take a trip down the memory lane and you will remember that they are not actually new. In fact, they have belonged to the series for a very long time – the time of Final Fantasy V.

The two enemies we are talking about are the Goblins and the Garulas. Both of them will be returning to the series with Final Fantasy XV and they surely look a lot different from what they used to be in the past.

You may check out how the Goblins look in the image above, and this is how the Garulas look now:

FFXV Garulas

So far, the developer Square Enix 1st Production Department has made sure not to let slip anything solid about the planned release date of the game. A demo has been announced for release alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 which is slated for release in March next year.

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