Final Fantasy Agito Announced For PS Vita, Set for January 15 Release

By   /   Sep 18, 2014

More exciting news has been received via the Tokyo Game Show, currently under way in Japan. Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Agito for PS Vita. The game was previously announced for iOS and Android but is now being ported to PS Vita.

While a western release is yet to be confirmed, the title will be available in Japan from January 15, 2015. The free to play role playing game will feature microtransactions and after a small change in the title, will now go by the name of Final Fantasy Agito+ on Sony’s handheld.

The game follows “Cadet”, a user created customizable character and sets out on missions across Orience. Cadet is a student at the Rubrum Magical Academy where the game will begin, after that players will be able to explore Orience as a whole.

Your performance during missions combined with interactions with students and teachers at the Rubrum Magical Academy increases your character’s rank accordingly.

Apart from an announcement trailer, an official website for the PS Vita version of the game has gone live too.

In addition to digital, a physical version of the game will also be available for the bargain price of 38,000 yen.

The physical copy of the game will include special download codes that will give players access to exclusive in-game items like King’s Armor, Holy Army Garb Ice Queen, Cerberus magic gun, rare Class Suits bow and arrow, Coral Sword, Heavy Lance along with one consumable item set “Initiate Welcoming Set”.

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