Total War: Rome II Gets “Definitive” Emperor Edition

By   /   Sep 17, 2014

Despite a rocky start, Total War: Rome II still is chugging along with updates and content. Its latest announcement, a repackaged Emperor Edition, may be one of the biggest changes yet for the PC strategy game.

This new version will throw in a new Imperator August campaign, set during the Roman civil war between Octavian and Marc Anthony. You’ll decide who gets to be leader of the great empire.

Armenia will join the list of playable factions. Gameplay will receive an update for the politics system, artificial intelligence and building chains.

Moreover, the Emperor Edition is marketed as adding all previous updates and free downloadable content (DLC) in the game as well. Then again, that’s sort of a given, since it’s free content, so we’re not exactly sure how that’s a plus.

SteamPlay is also a part of the new version, so if you own a PC copy, you’ll also be given access to the Mac build.

Most important of all, Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition comes as a free update to those who originally own the game, no need to even buy an upgrade. That may be the smartest choice for fans who have been patiently waiting patch after patch for the game to work out as intended.

If we can interject some opinion in here, we’re a bit skeptical at the liberal use of a “definitive” term here. Seems like games are doing that just a bit too much these days and it encourages the first wave to be lesser than the full experience.

Still, if you’re one of the many Total War: Rome II fans who have been biding time, now is probably the best time to return.

For everyone else, the Emperor Edition can currently be bought on their site for £29.99, which is roughly €40. It’s cheaper than on Steam and still activates through the digital platform.

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