Sunset Overdrive was Originally Going to be a Survival Shooter Like DayZ

By   /   Sep 17, 2014

Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive went into development as a survival title very much like DayZ Standalone, but instead of making another title like that, Insomniac opted to include over the top action elements into the game to make the gameplay fast paced and unique for the players.

The game’s director Drew Murray in an interview with IGN stated that if development on initial idea had went on, we just would have ended up with Insomniac’s version of DayZ.

When we first started in pre-production it was way more grounded. We didn’t have all this crazy traversal, we actually didn’t have crazy weapons. Sunset Overdrive always had a vibrant and stylized aesthetic, but, basically if we carried on with that it would have become the Insomniac version of DayZ.

He continued on to say that after the initial development of the title, it was decided to leave the realistic feel behind in the favor of crazy weapons and over the top gameplay.

After this decision was made, all of the staff at Insomniac started to bring in new crazy ideas that actually became the base for Sunset Overdrive.

We had a game jam over a couple days where designers would prototype stuff. They came back with this god awful looking prototype of…kind of skateboarding? I watched it for the first time in a while a couple weeks ago.

I can’t believe that’s what convinced us to do this. It looked terrible, it felt terrible. Some of the best moves, like the air dash, just transformed how we move through the city in a dramatic way.

The game that started as a survival shooter and then turned into a crazy, over the top fun title sure seems like Insomniac, but we will see how Sunset Overdrive does in the market upon its launch on 28th of October.

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