Steam Logo Spotted On Final Fantasy XIII Website, PC Release Happening?

By   /   Sep 17, 2014

Something really interesting has been spotted which will get a lot of PC players excited. On the Final Fantasy XIII Portal site, a Steam logo was seen which indicates towards a PC release of the game.

Though it might just be a mistake but what gives rise to further speculations, is the listing of PC platform on the official North American website for Final Fantasy XIII.

Currently, Final Fantasy III, VII, VIII and A Realm Reborn is available for PC on steam. So, it won’t be a big surprise if the existence of Final Fantasy XIII on this platform turns out to be true. With Tokyo Game Show Starting tomorrow, we might be hearing something official soon.

However, the site on which this Steam logo appeared covers all three FF XIII games ( Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII) so if this is true, which game is coming to PC is unclear at this moment.

The latest installment in the series is known as Final Fantasy XV which is so far only announced for PS4 and Xbox One with no official confirmation of a PC version of the game.

We will keep you updated on the situation as soon as it further develops. Stay tuned to SegmentNext and share your comments about the rumor below!

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