NBA 2K15 3D Face Mapping has Become More Realistic, Uses Kinect and PS4 Eye

By   /   Sep 17, 2014

NBA 2K15 has received a new video showcasing the 3D face mapping process of the upcoming title.

If you ever wanted to be a part of an NBA video game, then now is your chance as Visual Concepts is providing an amazing 3D mapping system using Kinect sensor or PS4 eye, which will scan your face and then you will become a part of the game.

This scanning of your face will take about three minutes and then it will be added to the game. After that, you will have the options of tweaking your game’s face, but rest assured your face in the game will be quite close to your real one.

This new 3D mapping system will capture your skin color, skin texture, hair, color of your eyes and all the other related stuff to make sure that the game’s character will reflect the real life counterpart.

This is a pretty good step up from the developers as it might stop us seeing more alien like creatures in-game that were made using the old technology.

The developers have demonstrated the whole process in the attached video above.

What do you think of this new NBA 2K15 3D mapping process that utilizes Kinect and PS4 eye?

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