This Is How Metal Gear Solid Looks Like With Unreal Engine 4

By   /   Sep 17, 2014

One of the members on Polycount forums has posted some new pictures showcasing how Metal Gear Solid would look if it would be created with the Unreal Engine 4.

The user named as The_Distiller is working on a Metal Gear Solid cinematic for over a year now and has shared new images to show the work in progress.

Here’s a project I started over a year ago while using the UE4 beta. I yet have to find the time to really finish the cinematic I had planned for it [hopefully someday…], but I still wanted to share with you what I got so far.

Check out the images in the gallery below:

I will have to admit that the detail this user has managed to put in the characters is amazing and it should draw anyone’s interest who is a fan of Metal Gear Solid franchise.

These screenshots do look amazing and if you are looking to find out more about this Metal Gear Solid cinematic that The_Distiller is working on, then do check out his thread on the Polycount forums and if you like what you see, do encourage him to complete his project.

What do you think of these screenshots of the work in progress cinematic? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below!

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