Final Fantasy Explorers Gets Demo, FF1 3DS Download And Onion Knight In Japan

By   /   Sep 17, 2014

Japan is getting spoiled with Final Fantasy Explorers, the action-oriented spinoff of the series headed for Nintendo 3DS this year. There will be a demo out on the eShop that will precede the game’s launch on December 18, 2014.

Those who download this free trial will be greeted with the early stages of the game, in a multiplayer component for both local and online play. Progress from the demo can then be transferred over to the full version, when it lands in December.

It doesn’t stop there. A first print run of Final Fantasy Explorers will also contain a download code for the first Final Fantasy game, which is being remade on 3DS just for this occasion.

The release of Final Fantasy Explorers coincides with the anniversary of the first game, which would explain the connection. A separate download version of Final Fantasy will then later be available to the general public in January of 2015.

Moreover, first prints of Final Fantasy Explorers will also include some extra material known from other titles. Those who pick up a copy early will be able to go on a special quest that can get you the Onion Knight’s equipment from Final Fantasy III, both armor and weapons.

Other characters from throughout the series are said to appear in Final Fantasy Explorers. Squall from VIII, Terra from VI and Lightning from XIII have been confirmed so far.

Final Fantasy Explorers will have real-time combat in third person view, much like the Monster Hunter series. It will also be possible to capture monsters to help out on quests.

Characters take on jobs from different iterations in the series. Classes listed include Ninja, Time Mage, Dragoon and more.

There is no localization confirmation for Final Fantasy Explorers just yet, but international trademark filings have been spotted.

Source: Siliconera.

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