Destiny Vault of Glass Raid Guide – Boss Tips and Strategy

By   /   Sep 17, 2014

There was a lot of hype surrounding the Destiny’s endgame content known as Raids. This game mode is advertised as being the most difficult content in the Destiny and is only playable with a group of friends – no matchmaking with random players is allowed in this game mode.

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Destiny Vault of Glass Raid

The first raid that opened up is called Vault of Glass and takes place on planet Venus. Here’s a quick rundown of different bosses that you’ll encounter in the Vault of Glass:

Templar Part #1

You’ll come across three zones in the area. Your objective is to activate and defend all the three zones simultaneously to make a spire rise and activate the door.

It’s advised that you divide the six players into three groups; each one containing a high level player. Once you’ve done that, move into the zones and a message reading, ‘The spire if forming’ will appear on your screen. This indicates that you’ve activated all the doors successfully.

At this point, you’ll need to keep the groups of enemies at an arm’s length and not let them get near you. The enemies will either be Minotaur or a combination of Goblins and Hobgoblins. Make good use of your Fusion Rifle with Abyss damage to take out these enemies as soon as possible.

Note: You don’t have to stand in the zone to capture it; you just need to keep enemies from entering it.

Keep the enemies out of the control zones until the spire is formed and you’ll gain entry inside and claim some loot.

Templar Part #2

This fight commences when you head over to the large square area to see the Templar spawn, but you won’t be able to deal damage yet.

You’ll see a large laser near your position that you need to protect. Keep on killing waves of enemies and eventually you’ll receive a message about an incoming horde.

At this point, you’ll come across a battalion of slimy-green enemies who will occasionally create a pool of liquid in the area. If you step into this liquid, you will be targeted by the boss [whom you won’t be able to damage].

If by any means, you step into this liquid, quickly run over to the fountain in the middle of the room and wash yourself!

After defending the two machines, you’ll be tasked to defend another three machines. Successfully protecting these three machines will get you rewards and loot.

Note: You cannot allow enemies to get to the machines or the mission will fail.

Once you’ve protected the machines, you’ll be asked to kill the oracles. This is quite a lengthy phase and you’ll have to kill a lot of oracles before moving to the next section.

Templar Part #3

This is the part where the real fight with the boss takes place. You’ll see that the boss will place a relic-like item in the middle of the room. One member of your party must gain hold of this relic and protect it throughout the fight.

Don’t think of the relic as a liability as it can be used in the combat and deals massive damage to the enemies. And oh! I almost forgot. Picking up the relic will also make the boss spawn.

The boss will spawn with a shield which you won’t be able to damage with any of your weapons and must be attacked by relic’s super ability to bring down the shield.

As soon as the boss’s shield is down, your team will be able to attack the boss and deal damage.

Furthermore, during this time, every player in your party will have a chance to get trapped inside a lethal red globe. You must destroy this red globe before it kills you.

Aside from the boss, you’ll also encounter tons of enemy waves consisting of oracles and harpies. The oracles will be able to mark you for the boss the target.

In case you get marked, quickly run to the member holding the relic and use the relic to unmark yourself. Calling this boss fight to be a pretty long one wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Just keep on repeating the process above and you might end up killing it.

How to Get to the Final Boss

First off, you need to go through the Labyrinth without being spotted by the white mobs drifting in the air. Getting spotted by these mobs will instantly kill you.

Tip: You can use cloak to get past these enemies. If anyone in your team is spotted, everyone will die.

To get through this area, you need to dash forward from the area where you spawn and head to the left side. Stick to the left side, and you’ll come across a bright area with four pillars in front of you.

You need to head into the cavern in front of these pillars to get out of the zone and be done with these floating mobs.

The Jumping Puzzle
After getting out of the cavern, you will come to an area with containing floating rocky platforms. These rocky platforms appear and disappear at random intervals and you need to reach the ledge on the other side to get away from this zone.

The basic strategy involved in completing this puzzle is to closely observe the patterns of the rocky platforms and see where they lead. You’ll also receive a platform at the beginning of the area so don’t worry about dying.

Do everything successfully and you’ll end up inside a large room with Hobgoblins and Gatekeeper. In this area, you need to activate two portals to progress ahead.

Activating the Portals
First off, activate any of the two portals which require one person inside the circle. As soon as the portals open up [which will take some time], send in maximum two players and have the other players protect it.

Inside the portals, things will start to darken if you take too much time to kill the Gatekeeper. You need to kill the Gatekeeper as soon as possible and pick up the relic.

After exiting the first portal, send in player with the relic and another player inside the second portal and repeat the process stated above; kill the Gatekeeper, pick up the relic, and exit the area.

The reason for sending in the player with the relic is that he/she will be able to spot the way in the dark. After the relics are collected, a column will appear in the middle of the room and the remaining players must protect it from the enemies.

You need to fire super from both relics to destroy the column and proceed forward.

Atheon, the Devourer of Hours

Soon after spawning, this boss will send three players to one of the portals in the area and will call forth a battalion of Supplicants in the same room.

At this point, you need to send one player to open up the portal in which the boss has trapped three players. Inside, the three players must kill Oracles and pick up the relic inside.

In this boss room, take no time in killing the Supplicants as they will self-destruct themselves near the portal and will kill everyone inside. Make sure to keep them away from the portals and kill them instantly!

Once all players are back in the boss room, keep on attacking the boss until the effect of Time’s Vengeance last [it appears after killing the seven oracles inside the portal]. Use the relic, grenades, and everything at your disposal and take out the boss.

As soon as the effects of the Time’s Vengeance end, three players will again be teleported inside the portal. Keep on repeating the process mentioned above to defeat the boss.

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