Destiny – How to Get Legendary/Exotic Gear 100%

By   /   Sep 17, 2014

There is no doubt that in Bungie’s Destiny, the current rewarding system is kind of baffling for some players and is in terrible need of improvement. Imagine yourself farming rare/legendary engrams for over one week only to receive legendary/exotic gear for other classes!

The system has its flaws, no doubt, but there are other more secure ways of getting legendary/exotic gear without involving much risk and grinding.

How to Get Legendary/Exotic Gear
First off, you need to have pretty good amount of vanguard marks, crucible marks, faction reputation, and strange coins. Once you’ve acquired those, you can buy legendary gear from vanguard/crucible vendors in the Tower. As for the Exotic gear, it can be bought from the Xur, Agent of the Nine over the weekend.

In about a week’s time, you can easily accumulate about 130 of each mark which is more than enough to get you three pieces of armour for about 250 marks. You can also get the Sparrow upgraded from Xur, Agent of the Nine and get other legendary weapon/armour.

Xur, Agent of the Nine
You’re guaranteed to get at least one Exotic item from Xur, Agent of the Nine per week. If you’ve plenty of Strange Coins, you can buy an armour piece for 13 Strange Coins and 23 Strange Coins for a weapon.

You can also use Mote of Light to exchange for an Exotic engram, but then again, it involves a risk of getting an Exotic for another class. For more details on Xur, Agent of the Nine, check out this guide!

Earning Vanguard/Crucible Marks
We have compiled a couple of guides on earning vanguard/crucible reputation and marks which can be seen by checking these links:

Earning the Strange Coins
There is more than one way of earning Strange Coins; you can decode your rare/legendary engrams, complete weekly strike missions, and by playing PVP matches. For more information on how to earn Strange Coins, you can check our article onĀ How to Earn Strange Coins.

Vanguard/Crucible Reputation
Once you reach level 3 reputation with vanguard, crucible, or any other optional faction, you’re guaranteed to receive one legendary item from those vendors.

For more information on this, check out our Factions Reputation Guide.

Hence, stop waiting for Legendary/Exotic items to drop from an enemy and don’t count on your luck to stumble across these items inside a treasure chest.

If you get them, well and good, if you don’t, tell yourself that this isn’t the only way of getting those items. You want something good, you need to buy it. There is no bigger folly than to keep on grinding in the same area in the hope of getting the gear of your choice.

Of course, you should go and farm the currency that you need to buy these items because it’s the only way that works a hundred per cent.

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