Destiny Boss Guide With Tips and Strategy To Kill

By   /   Sep 17, 2014

There are a total of eight bosses in Destiny which tend to test your true mettle. These bosses appear on different planets and can leave you frustrating if you don’t know how to tackle them.

Destiny Boss Guide

In this guide, I’ll be detailing every boss and how to effectively kill them. Like always, don’t forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below!

Devil Walker
This boss can be found inside strike missions like Devil’s Lair and in some of the Public Events in Old Russia, Earth.

This gigantic robot has a small machinegun attached to its bottom surface which can be extremely lethal at the medium to close range. In addition to this, it also has a turret which can target you from medium to even long range and deals some pretty high amount of damage.

The boss will frequently target an area with a laser sight marking the location where the main cannon will hit. As soon as you see this laser, change your position or you’ll face pretty bad damage.

Several small drones will erupt from the side of the boss and will charge upon you. Depending upon the version of the boss, these drones will vary. Do note that killing these drones will let you replenish your ammo.

Lastly, the boss will toss grenades and use its slamming abilities to knock you out in no time. Always make sure to avoid standing in its way.

As soon as the battle commences, you need to start hitting its legs. Each leg has its own HP bar and destroying one will reveal a core on its neck. If you’re playing with a team, make sure to have a couple of players target the same leg which will bring it down quickly.

The visible core on the neck of the boss will remain open for a limited time. In order to keep it open, you’ll have to keep on shooting it. At this point, your best bet is to use your heavy machineguns and rocket launchers which will bring him down quickly.

Always keep an eye out on your ammo! In case, you run low at ammo, ask one of your teammates to get you some. Furthermore, you can also kill drones and replenish your ammo.

Speaking of teammates, don’t revive them if you cannot. Your teammates will automatically spawn again after 20 seconds so there is no point in committing suicide by reviving them.

Targeting the boss’s legs is very important, but if you’re getting overwhelmed by the main cannon, take no time in destroying it. And lastly, your Fusion Rifles will always do Precision Damage regardless where you target – make good use of it.

Sepiks Prime
Sepiks Prime is a large Fallen Serivtor enemy that you’ll encounter.

The primary attack at this boss’s disposal is purple projectiles thrown from its eyes. These projectiles have quite great a velocity and should be avoided to take high damage. The eye is also the boss’s weak point and shooting at it will deal critical damage.

The most annoying part of this boss fight is the ability of the boss to teleport to a different location. Always keep an eye out on its teleport ability so that you don’t waste valuable ammo on it.

You’ll find some decent places to evade the boss’s primary attack. In addition to this, the boss will also call upon several adds – especially when it will be low on health.

At this point, you need to divert your attention to the adds and kill them before moving to the boss. Solar damage is extremely powerful to kill the adds and even the boss itself. Once you have defeated the boss, pick up the gold chest and claim the loot.

You’ll encounter this boss during the Oceans of the Moon strike mission on the Moon. The boss will appear in the Summoning Pits.

The primary attack at the boss’s disposal is an eye blast which is almost identical to the small ogres. However, this beam of energy deals massive damage and you should run for cover as soon as you see it coming. In addition to this, the boss will also unleash a ground slam, but only if you’re too close to it. The ground slam will deal medium damage and will knock out the players.

As soon as the fight starts, don’t stand in the narrow alleyway and head over to the boss arena. Once there, take out the smaller enemies first and then divert your attention to the boss.

Throughout the engagement, you’ll have to shift between lower floors and balconies as the adds will keep on swarming you.

If you’re playing with a full team, you can ask two players to keep the adds busy while the other focus on the boss. This is pretty simple and straightforward boss fight and you’ll end up winning in no time.

Like I mentioned above, it’s generally a good idea to have two players taking out the adds while the other players keep their attention on the boss.

Like with the previous boss, you don’t have to revive the other teammates if they’re surrounded by the enemies – just let them spawn again once the timer runs out.

You will come across some rocks in the left-back side of the room which will keep you safe from most enemies – make sure to check it out.

Aksor, Archon Priest
You’ll come across this boss in the winter’s run which is a strike mission found on the Venus.

There are two basic attacks on this boss’s disposal; one is its shrapnel launcher which it will use on long-range and foot stomp which it will use on short range.

You need to target the boss’s head as it is its weak point. Another dangerous ability at this boss’s disposal is the teleport ability.

You’ll come across several small caverns on the edges of the boss room which provide excellent covering location. You’ll also see a high position for standing and snipe the target, but standing there for too long isn’t ideal since the smaller enemies will reach you.

If you can have one of your player occasionally reach the high spot and snipe the boss, it’s good, but your primary focus should remain on using Auto Rifles and Shotguns. These weapons not only deal good damage to the boss itself, but you’ll quickly take out smaller enemies in the area.

This boss won’t come with a shield, but the ability to teleport to other locations and a high HP make him very hard to beat.

It’s very crucial that you remain aware of the boss’s position and don’t let it get you from behind. Once it starts calling forth smaller enemies, make sure to kill them first and then focus on the boss to finish it off.

Sekrion, Nexus Mind
By the looks of it, Sekrion, Nexus Mind seems like some sort of variant of Vex Hydra.

This first attack at the boss’s disposal is Aeon Maul which is bright blue projectile that the boss directs towards the players. The explosion from this projectile does massive damage it’s advisable that you run for cover as soon as you see this.

The other attack at its disposal is the stomp which the boss will execute once the players are within its reach. Once again, this deals decent amount of damage and knocks back all the players.

First off, note that this boss stays in one position throughout the battle and doesn’t leave that area. It also has a protective shield that keeps on rotating to keep the boss safe from attacks from all sides.

With the shield on, you won’t be able to deal any damage to the boss. Of course, you can go and hit the boss’s head, but it’s really hard to do so.

Your best bet is to wait for the shield to slip away a bit and then start shooting. Another thing to keep in mind is to focus on the Minotaur before focusing on the boss.

You’ll come across various broken pillars scattered throughout the boss room. Use them as cover and as soon as you see the shield slip away, go in hot.

While dealing with the smaller enemies; take your time and attack them from behind the cover – Sekrion can get nasty real quick.

Valus Ta’aurc
Valus Ta’aurc is a large cabal kind of enemy that you’ll encounter in the game.

The most lethal attack at this boss’s disposal is the heavy Gatling gun which it will shoot in the direction of the players. Taking cover is crucial to avoid damage taken from this gun.

In addition to this, it will also send in a cluster of five rockets that will target the players. As soon as you see these rockets coming to your area, change your position immediately.

And lastly, with the other bosses, getting too close to this boss will make it execute a stomping attack which will send players flying away.

The weak spot of this enemy is its head; you need to keep on attacking the head for the critical damage. Avoid the Gatling gun and rockets’ cluster to avoid taking damage and keep your shots targeted at its head.

Somewhere in-between the battle, the boss will also call forth smaller enemies who will get into the arena from the sides. When these enemies appear, make sure to take them out quickly and then focus on the boss.

This boss fight is once again a pretty straightforward and simple boss fight. Just make sure that you don’t go in to revive your teammates if they are surrounded by enemies and you should be fine.

Psion Flayers
This boss can be considered as the better version of the Cabal Psion enemies found in the game. The primary attack from these bosses’ come from the auto rifle.

There is another attack called Psionic Blast Wave which sends in a powerful wave in the direction of the enemies. This wave deals high damage to all players in its way and should be avoided by either moving out of its way or jumping over it.

The weak points of these flayers are the heads and should be attacked for critical damage. These things are quite agile and will dodge your attacks most of the time.

There are a total of three types of flayers that contain different type of shields: Vatch contains Solar, Kolar contains Arc, and Numoc contains Void.

Tip: It’s a good idea to have players with different damage types in this boss fight.

I would not recommend using Shotguns and Sniper Rifles for this boss fight since the boss is quiet agile, like I stated before. Go with Auto Rifles and Machineguns to make this fight a lot easier.

These dudes will also get behind cover to avoid your shots and must be taken out. You can make use of different grenades to draw them out and then carry on with the firing process.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all of your party should be focused on only one boss at a time. By doing so, you won’t give it time to regenerate health and get back into the fight.

Goliath Tank
This large tank has four engines which are also its weak spots. You need to target them for the critical damage.

As soon as you see Goliath charging towards the players, it will release six mines that will stick to the floor and will explode after a short while. Players will be able to shoot these mines to make them explode immediately.

The boss also emits fire when players get too close to it. In addition to this, the boss also has two cannons attached to it. These cannons, however, can be destroyed by the players.

In addition to this, the boss also has machine guns and main cannons attached to it which can target players from medium to long range and should be avoided to take damage.

And lastly, the boss also has tracking missiles which it fires three at the same time. These missiles can be destroyed by the players while in the air.

The most damage dealing attack of this boss comes from the main cannon. You’ll hear a peculiar sound when the boss is about to fire the main cannon. Pay heed to this sound and dodge it well before time.

Like I’ve stated above, you need to focus fire on the four engines to bring it down quickly. I wouldn’t recommend going in close to the boss or you’ll be caught up in the flames. Also, make sure not to jump while you’re close to the boss or the mounted turret will get to you.

Keep these things in mind and you will kill it in no time!

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